Meet Aleesha!

Aleesha Jansen is a Canadian-born photographer, working out of Southern Ontario she has been catching eyes for the past few years. Artfully capturing brands and personalities, she is often celebrated for her creativity and initiative. Alee’s work ranges from polished portraits to elaborate vibrant commercial shots, she is an image-maker and storyteller. Her vibrant visuals are meant to strike a conversation and reshape the “image” of how we view ourselves or a brand.

Aleesha is always looking for new clients, projects and people to meet and collaborate with.

Experience includes: 

Graduated with a diploma from the Still + Motion Photography program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario.

Having worked with entrepreneurs and companies such as Mavo Care, Sideways Society Street Clothing, Jillian Wisborg/Boobygrow, Yeouth Skincare and Gleow Skincare.

Published in:

Faddy Magazine - Issue 14 Showcase 4

Picton Magazine - Issue N463 Cover #1,2 and 3

Commercial Brand/ Product Photographer - Aleesha Jansen


Mavo Care

1 / 7

"I absolutely loved Alee's professionalism throughout the entire process. She was so so thorough with everything, pricing, and strategy, everything was broken down perfectly and explained so well! The images look incredible, they're bright, beautiful, and so so fun with so much personality!
~ Lisa"

1 / 7